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domingo, 2 de mayo de 2010

Poll about Conn and Selmer saxes in SOTW.

I want to share this poll made it in Sax on the Web site (the best forum for sax players in the world) about the best sounding saxophone, making the comparison between vintage Conns and Selmers, only in relation with the sound. Check this out:!-)

In addition I want to add some video clips of Conn players. First to all there is an interesting video of Dave O´Higgins, playing a Conn New Wonder with Eric Alexander, playing a Selmer Mark VI. Look the differences of sound:

Furthermore, there is a video in another kind fo Conn sounding (for me one of the best) or the great tenor sax player Jamie Oehlers with the piano player Sam Keevers, doing the tune "Simple Pleasures".

I hope you enjoyed it like me!!!!!!!!!!

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