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domingo, 25 de abril de 2010

Where I discovered God!!!!

I want to encourage everyone to give God a chance in your life!!! Here is the link of the site "True Life in God" where are several messages sended from Jesus himself to Vassula Ryden. To me was like a strong shock to my heart when I readed this love messages from our Creator to us!!!!
This is the link:

viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Blue Method of Emotional Sensorial Practice in Music (2)

I want to develop some insights about this book. I feel that the link between music and emotion has been treated in few opportunities because the subjectivity of the human feelings and the multiplicity of results that this can produce in every person. But my aim is to show that when one human being try to explore or to achieve some musical goal there isn´t way to avoid the subjective matter. Art is subjectivity like every person is subjective. In the way that one musician must show your subjecitivity then your mission is accomplished. In that meaning I explore the ways to watch every musical aspect in subjective terms. In 12 chapters I develop this idea founding three basics thinkings to achieve this goal: 1) The experience lived; 2) The mistake and 3) To let onself go. There are eight less basic thinkins developed to complement this: 4) The context; 5) The musician; 6) The code; 7) The tone; 8) The harmony; 9) The musical tempo; 10) The contextual tempo and 11) The intention.

More useful links!!!!

There are several sites in the net: (Steve´s Neff web site, this is the best source to choose mouthpieces, almost for me, there are clips of several pieces tried by Neff, incredible!!!!)  (in this site there are all kind of vintage saxes, with pictures in all of the models available) (this is the renowed downbeat magazine, the Holy Bible in jazz)

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Another pic!!!!
This is my main horn, in original lacquer, what a beauty!!!

My equipment.

I´m using a Conn Wonder tenor sax circa 1916 with a GW slant sign copy mouthpiece, and it´s sounds great!!! Here are some pics of this

Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization.

I found this book several years ago and it seems to me that the time stopped from then. George Russell´s best creation is an unique and original source for jazz improvisation, for musical composition, it´s a way to understand and to explain the physics and the behaviour of notes into a score. I encourage every musician to explore this amazing tool named "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization". It´s a marvelous journey!!!!

sábado, 17 de abril de 2010


Blue Method of Emotional Sensorial Practice in Music (1)

I wrote this book several years ago having in mind to give to all musicians new tools and new insights about music. There are twelve chapters where I develop different topics like the priorities of a musician, understanding music not like an end inself but like a way to express ideas, feelings, emotions, and exposing every musical material to this. In future notes I give to all of you my point of view about this and I will develop some extracts of this book to future debate.

More useful links for sax players.

More links for sax players: (the best ligatures for sax) (Junk Dude, one of the best source to achieve vintage sax at excelent form)

Brief history of my musical life.

When yesterday I created this blog I forgot to write about myself (little detail!!!). I have 39 years old, from 20 years I studied jazz music, jazz harmony, I played with several musical agroupations here in my country Argentina, and I developed a system of music based in emotions and feelings named "Blue Method of Emotional Sensorial Practice in Music". The trip with music has been amazing and I changed several times of points of view with another musicians. I plan to put into this blog some of the insights of my book. Thanks to participate to this blog!!!! I expect your opinion too!!!

viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

Useful links for sax players.

Well, after several years of navigation on the net I found these links very useful and with great information about sax playing, improvisation, skills, and more......
Here we go: (this is the best sax forum online in the world!!) (a great blog from David Valdez, alto sax player, whit a lot of info) (the best source for me at last for improvisation, the site of the book "Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization" of George Russell)

I will complete these list later my friends, check this out please!!!!


Hi!!: Today I start my first blog in the net, to share my musical knowledge, my experiences like educator and harmony research. Besides, I wish to share some thoughts about the intimate relationship of music with religion. Welcome to everybody!!!!