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viernes, 23 de abril de 2010

Blue Method of Emotional Sensorial Practice in Music (2)

I want to develop some insights about this book. I feel that the link between music and emotion has been treated in few opportunities because the subjectivity of the human feelings and the multiplicity of results that this can produce in every person. But my aim is to show that when one human being try to explore or to achieve some musical goal there isn´t way to avoid the subjective matter. Art is subjectivity like every person is subjective. In the way that one musician must show your subjecitivity then your mission is accomplished. In that meaning I explore the ways to watch every musical aspect in subjective terms. In 12 chapters I develop this idea founding three basics thinkings to achieve this goal: 1) The experience lived; 2) The mistake and 3) To let onself go. There are eight less basic thinkins developed to complement this: 4) The context; 5) The musician; 6) The code; 7) The tone; 8) The harmony; 9) The musical tempo; 10) The contextual tempo and 11) The intention.

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